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Ambrico Now Offering Acme Brick ThinBRIK for Residential and Commercial Projects

American Brick Company (Ambrico), recently announced the addition of Acme Brick ThinBRIK to the company’s inventory of thin brick products. A highly durable alternative to clay brick, Acme Brick’s new ThinBRIK product line offers the beauty of genuine fired-clay bricks in a lightweight material that is easy to handle and install. Brian Burns, Ambrico spokesman said, “Ambrico is thrilled […]

Thin Brick from Ambrico Makes it Easy To Wrap Up Summer Renovations

Thin brick experts at American Brick Company (Ambrico), recently announced that it’s not too late to get those summer renovation projects completed this summer. The company, which offers thin brick products and the EZ-Wall Installation System, reported that even though summer is past the halfway point, there’s still time to complete a thin brick renovation at your home or […]

Thin Brick Renovation Makes Building Look Like New Without Construction Reports Ambrico

Ambrico EZ-Wall Thin Brick Installation (video) Thin brick installation experts at American Brick Company (Ambrico), recently announced the completion of a building renovation by ABC Installation Services, which utilized thin brick products from Coronado and Ambrico to completely update the outdated exterior of an Oak Park building. The structure, which had originally been constructed from clay bricks, […]

Ambrico EZ-Wall® Thin Brick Installation System Repairs Heavily Damaged Building

Ambrico Fixes Thin Brick (video) Thin brick experts at American Brick Company (Ambrico) recently announced the completion of a project by ABC Installation Services, which used Ambrico’s EZ-Wall® Thin Brick Installation System to correct a competitor’s failed thin brick installation. The installation was beginning to fail and show serious signs of damage, in spite of only being 7 years […]

Thin Brick Installation Simple Enough for Kids

Thin brick customers have recently confirmed what American Brick Company (Ambrico) has known for years about installing thin brick:  the Ambrico EZ Wall® Engineered Thin Brick System is so easy to install that a child can do it.  The company recently reported that today’s high quality thin brick products are so durable and easy to […]

Thin Brick Systems Popularity Still on the Rise Announces Ambrico

Thin brick systems continue to be in high demand for both new construction projects and renovations this year, American Brick Company (Ambrico) recently announced. Ambrico has seen a steady rise in requests for the installation of thin brick systems, according to the company’s spokesman, Brian Burns. “As builders and property owners continue to look for […]

Coronado Latest Addition to Ambrico Inventory

American Brick Company (Ambrico), recently announced the addition of Coronado thin brick to the company’s inventory of thin brick products. Coronado, a leader in thin brick and floor tiles for over 50 years, provides high quality building materials that were designed by experts in stone veneer and thin brick manufacturing. According to Ambrico’s spokesman, Brian […]

Ambrico Reports That Thin Brick Wins in Des Moines Hotel Construction Debate

American Brick Company (Ambrico) recently reported that once again, thin brick has won the debate over whether to use traditional full bricks in new construction products and renovations, or a brick veneer or “thin brick” product. According to the thin brick experts at Ambrico, who have been providing thin brick products like those approved for […]

A dispute over the kind of brick used on a multi-million dollar downtown hotel came to a final vote

And Thin Brick Won! Downtown Des Moines’ riverfront will soon have two new hotels. However, it didn’t come easily. Monday morning, the city council ended a long debate about what kind of bricks to use on the outside of the development. The hotel developer’s original plans called for a “thin brick” veneer. However, the city […]