About the EZ Wall® Engineered Thin Brick System


For hundreds of years, people all over the world have admired the classic beauty, warmth and durability of buildings constructed out of traditional, full-thickness brick. Today, Ambrico (American Brick Company) offers the EZ Wall® Engineered Thin Brick System as an alternative for homeowners and builders wanting to achieve that same timeless look and feel in a more cost effective manner. The EZ Wall Engineered Thin Brick System combines high quality, severe weather grade panels, with genuine clay kiln-fired thin brick to create a product that gives the appearance of traditional brick, but is more economical and easier to install. Touting interior and exterior projects nationwide, Ambrico’s patented EZ Wall System is a widely acclaimed thin brick installation system that has been used on restaurants, homes, churches, sports stadiums, shopping malls, and schools. Click here to see some noteworthy projects that used the EZ Wall System.

Ambrico’s EZ Wall System is a great solution for replacing the existing façade of a building since it can be applied to structures built with synthetic stucco, lightweight stone veneer, wood, aluminum or vinyl siding. While most commonly used for remodeling applications, the thin brick system can also be used in new construction where the weight of full-thickness masonry is too heavy. The EZ Wall Engineered Thin Brick System is available with a wide selection of brick colors, textures and finishes to complement the design and site requirements of any project. The brick veneer selections range from contemporary smooth and glazed brick to traditional reclaimed looks. Special shapes of thin brick can be used to create sills, cornices, quoins and other ornamental architectural details. Watch the installation video and read the installation manual for complete instructions on how to install the EZ Wall System. Check out our full featured Advanced Thin Brick Calculator for project estimates.


features-benefits-ez-wallKey Benefits of the EZ Wall® System:

  • Tensile strength of steel will carry sidewall wind loading, particularly in diaphragm engineered systems
  • Includes a steel ledge for the thin veneer’s shear weight to rest on – a true mechanical support system
  • Double steel tab spaces the thin brick horizontally and vertically on the panel for easy installation
  • Zinc-coated galvanized to G-90 for rust prevention on heavy-duty commercial applications
  • Steel sheet is fastened and applied to the wall like any other standard siding – no special clips, hooks, trims, strips or non-standard fasteners needed
  • Fasten anywhere through the panel for even weight distribution or loading on the wall
  • High fastener pull-through strength for panel support
  • Hardened steel sheets help brace the wall, minimizing wall racking
  • Architectural grade steel has approximately the same coefficient of thermal expansion as thin brick and mortar

ezwall_dave_picFeatures of the EZ Wall® System:

  • Specially selected materials ensure strength and durability
  • Engineered and designed to ensure the strongest thin brick mechanical support panel available for any configuration including curved radius corners
  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications in commercial, residential and industrial construction
  • High wind loading capacity tested and certified to 154 lbs per square foot
  • Patented EZ-Wall® System resolves traditional problems related to moisture migration and substrate incompatibility caused by temperature extremes
  • Custom tab placement offers increased design flexibility through greater veneer and pattern selection
  • Choice of construction methods including girt, traditional, curtain, tip-up, etc.
  • Special engineering and design allow for easy installation and keep costs low
  • Designed for year-round installation
  • Construction versatility: Structural, fire-rated and moisture-resistant

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