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American Brick Company proudly offers high quality, professional thin brick installation services performed by expert contractors with training and experience in thin brick installation. All of the contractors that we refer and use have completed the Ambrico EZ-Wall certification process, operated by the United States Thin Masonry Association (USTMA). Each thin brick installation performed by our highly skilled, expert team also utilizes the Ambrico advanced EZ-Wall System and Thin Brick Mortar and Mastic, specifically designed and tested for quality thin brick installations in a variety of settings.

Not only have our certified installation specialists undergone detailed training on thin brick installation, they have also completed thousands of installations on the job, including national projects for McDonalds, Holiday Inn, LA Fitness, several NFL and MLB stadiums, high schools, hospitals, movie theaters and more. From a thin brick installation in a small to mid-size business, to extensive installation and finishing jobs in the area’s largest venues, our team is fully prepared to tackle even the most complex projects. Check out our project blog for photos and descriptions of recent projects completed by Ambrico, and learn more about the types of professional thin brick installations that we perform.

The expert services from Ambrico also include project cost estimation and quotes on thin brick installation, brick veneer and EZ-Wall projects. Additionally, we are also available to provide detailed quotes on the necessary Faux Brick, Mortar, Mastic and EZ-Wall panels to add the finishing touch to your project. Interested in a thin brick installation? Check out our full featured Advanced Thin Brick Calculator for an estimate, and contact us to discuss your project in detail.

If you are an architect, builder or contractor, be sure to check out the Architects and Builders section, which includes a detailed library of technical information on thin brick installation, drawings, MSDS and product specifications. We have also included information in this section on building green, along with details on how to become a distributor of Ambrico products.

Do you have questions about thin brick installation products or the services that Ambrico provides? To speak with an Ambrico representative today, please contact us directly at 1-866-663-6898, email, or use the form below and we will follow up with you soon with expert advice and professional customer service.

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