Coronado Latest Addition to Ambrico Inventory

American Brick Company (Ambrico), recently announced the addition of Coronado thin brick to the company’s inventory of thin brick products. Coronado, a leader in thin brick and floor tiles for over 50 years, provides high quality building materials that were designed by experts in stone veneer and thin brick manufacturing. According to Ambrico’s spokesman, Brian Burns, Ambrico’s latest partnership with Coronado is a win-win for the customer, “We are excited to now offer products from Coronado at Ambrico. These are some of the finest building materials you’ll find on the market today.”

Every stone veneer and thin brick product that comes from Coronado is easy to use and install and comes in a variety of colors and designs. Burns added, “The versatility and durability has helped make Coronado a favorite among builders in the US and Canada. As reported by Burns, Coronado products are also extremely versatile, “Coronado can be used both indoors and out. As long as you have a cleaned and pre-treated surface that is structurally sound, you can use Coronado to instantly transform the look of any wall.” The company reports that thin brick products like Coronado have become increasingly popular among builders for other reasons as well: “Builders everywhere are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to thick bricks. Products like the thin brick and stone veneer products offered by Coronado are a great way to go green while also getting a high quality product.”

With the addition of Coronado to the Ambrico inventory, builders, contractors and do-it-yourselfers can now check out the latest products from the Coronado thin brick product line. This latest partnership makes it easy for Ambrico customers to see the latest products from other popular thin brick product lines as well first-hand in the company’s showroom in Warren.

Headquartered in Warren, Michigan, Ambrico includes a showroom, brickyard and manufacturing facility. The company offers free estimates and information for builders and contractors interested in learning more about brick veneer installation, and also maintains a large selection of brick veneer samples to view in the state-of-the –art Ambrico showroom. For more information, please visit