Thin Brick Renovation Makes Building Look Like New Without Construction Reports Ambrico

Ambrico EZ-Wall Thin Brick Installation (video)

Thin brick installation experts at American Brick Company (Ambrico), recently announced the completion of a building renovation by ABC Installation Services, which utilized thin brick products from Coronado and Ambrico to completely update the outdated exterior of an Oak Park building. The structure, which had originally been constructed from clay bricks, was starting to show its age, with many cracked bricks and areas where bricks had become unseated. By replacing the bricks with thin brick using the AmbricoEZ-Wall® thin brick installation system, ABC was able to make the entire exterior portion of the structure look like new. Brian Burns, Ambrico spokesman said, “Thin brick installations result in a high end look that is still very affordable and long lasting. Thin brick requires very little maintenance and when installed correctly using high quality products, the results are impressive.”

Installing thin brick is a simple and cost effective way to give a building an entirely new, fresh look without any major structural changes to the building and working with the professionals at Ambrico and ABC Installation Services is the best way to get the job done right. Burns said, “This latest project was brought to life by our helpful sales staff, who are experts in all of the thin brick products that Ambrico sells, and by the experts at ABC Installation Systems. Through the cooperation and expert level knowledge that both teams contributed, we were able to come up with a color scheme and design that resulted in a building that looks completely brand new.”