Ambrico Reports That Thin Brick Wins in Des Moines Hotel Construction Debate

American Brick Company (Ambrico) recently reported that once again, thin brick has won the debate over whether to use traditional full bricks in new construction products and renovations, or a brick veneer or “thin brick” product. According to the thin brick experts at Ambrico, who have been providing thin brick products like those approved for the Des Moines hotel project for over 50 years, a local construction project recently won approval to use thin brick over traditional full bricks, when it was determined that there would be substantial cost savings to the city, who will subsidize a potion of the project as part of riverfront remodeling efforts in the area. As reported by the company’s spokesperson, Brian Burns, “We are excited that the City of Des Moines selected thin brick over traditional full bricks. When it comes down to it, both sides agreed that thin brick is more affordable and more durable than traditional full brick, which is something that our customers have been finding out for years. “

Ambrico, who specializes in thin brick products and installation, has seen an increase in cases like the Des Moines hotel project, in which city’s and builders argued over which kind of brick is best, “In today’s economy, everyone is really focused on the bottom line. They want something that won’t have to be replaced 5 or even 10 years down the road due to cracking and fading. Thin brick lasts for years with very little maintenance, and when installed correctly, looks just as good as traditional full bricks. It’s a solution that everyone can agree on.”

Ambrico sells a large variety of thin brick products, including the company’s own EZ Wall® Thin Brick Installation system, at the company’s showroom in Warren, Michigan. Specializing the highest rated thin brick products from around the US, the company regularly stocks the latest thin brick designs from Hanson VersaThin Brick, McNear Brick and Block, Metro Brick and other trusted names, thanks to the recent increase in demand for thin brick installations.

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