Ambrico Announces Partnership with GreenGuard®

Ambrico recently announced a partnership with GreenGuard®, providers of durable, realiable building products.  Thanks to this latest partnership, Ambrico will now be selling select GreenGuard® products, including the DC14 drainage mat.

American Brick Company (Ambrico), providers of thin brick products and thin brick installation services, recently announced a new partnership with GreenGuard®, industry leaders in durable, reliable building products.   As part of the recently announced partnership, Ambrico is now a distributor of highly popular GreenGuard® energy efficient building materials, including the GreenGuard® DC14 Drainage Mat.  Thanks to the recent partnership with GreenGuard®, Ambrico customers now have access to the GreenGuard® Drainage Mat, along with some of the other energy efficient building materials that are designed for both commercial and residential construction projects.

Made of materials that were specifically developed for use with a variety of outdoor building products, the GreenGuard® Drainage Mat works in conjunction with the thin brick products sold by Ambrico to prevent moisture retention and mold.  As with most of the products developed by GreenGuard®, the DC14 Drainage Mat was designed specifically for effective water management when used with thin brick and other siding products.  When the GreenGuard® Drainage Mat is installed alongside the thin brick veneer or “faux brick” products sold by Ambrico, it allows for proper drainage on both sides, letting ample air flow in to help keep walls dry.  Made of extruded polystyrene (XPS), the GreenGuard® Drainage Mat won’t absorb moisture and isn’t a food source for mold, making it the perfect addition to any thin brick installation.

In addition to its use in thin brick installations, the drainage mat from GreenGuard® also works well with stucco, stone and siding installations.  As part of the distribution partnership with GreenGuard®,  Ambrico customers can now view samples of popular GreenGuard® products at the Ambrico showroom.  Located in Warren, the Ambrico showroom features a variety of popular thin brick designs, along with the DC 14 Drainage Mat.

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