Ambrico Opens New Thin Brick Showroom in Warren, Michigan

American Brick Company (Ambrico), has announced the opening of the company’s newly designed showroom at the headquarters in Warren, MI. Ambrico’s state of the art showroom is now open to the public. Containing a wide assortment of thin brick samples and project ideas, the showroom is open to contractors, building owners, home owners and anyone else looking for the latest products and designs for thin brick installation.

The thin brick products on display in the Ambrico showroom feature the latest designs in the advanced faux brick and thin brick products from top rated brands like Acme Brick Company, Endicott Thin Brick, Authintic Brick by Meridian® Brick, Marion Ceramics, McNear Brick and Block, Metro Brick, General Shale, and Summitville Brick. With modern designs and highly durable materials, these brands offer some of the most popular thin brick systems on the market today.

The showroom at Ambrico is the latest milestone for the company, which has been in the business of thin brick installation for nearly 50 years. The company has performed several high profile projects, including work on NFL stadiums, McDonalds, hospitals and corporate buildings. Ambrico specializes in its own EZ-Thin Brick Installation system, the company’s tested method for professional installations. Utilizing durable, eco-friendly products that have a truly authentic look, Ambrico’s thin brick installations have become increasingly popular. Now, with the opening of the local showroom, Ambrico’s customers have instant access to thin brick samples, construction diagrams and advice on upcoming projects.

Ambrico is headquartered in Warren, Michigan. Along with the showroom, the company also includes a full brickyard and manufacturing facility. Offering free estimates and valuable advice on thin brick installation, Ambrico is the one-stop shop for contractors, architects and builders. For more information and to learn more about the Ambrico showroom, please visit