Ambrico Now Offering Acme Brick ThinBRIK for Residential and Commercial Projects

American Brick Company (Ambrico), recently announced the addition of Acme Brick ThinBRIK to the company’s inventory of thin brick products. A highly durable alternative to clay brick, Acme Brick’s new ThinBRIK product line offers the beauty of genuine fired-clay bricks in a lightweight material that is easy to handle and install. Brian Burns, Ambrico spokesman said, “Ambrico is thrilled to add the high quality Acme ThinBRIK line to our collection of thin brick products. Acme Brick is a fast and economical option for both residential and commercial applications, including interior and exterior renovations, and the results stay looking like new for years. Acme ThinBRIK offers so many different colors that there is something for everyone and every project. As an added bonus, there is virtually no maintenance required to keep thin brick looking great.”

The Acme ThinBRIK products now available at Ambrico are produced at the company’s manufacturing plant in Denver. Acme ThinBRIK is made in a variety of attractive colors and is designed to be easy to work with and fast to install. ThinBRIK is mounted using a metal panel installation system that is finished off with some grouting, which provides a highly durable and solid installation method that will last for years with minimal maintenance. Burns said, “As with most thin brick system, ThinBRIK installs quickly – with typical residential applications taking only 1-2 days to complete. This is a far cry from clay brick renovations, which can take weeks to complete. Clay bricks also have a much shorter shelf-life, as the bricks will crack and fade over time, unlike thin brick, which stays looking like new for years.”

Headquartered in Warren, Michigan, Ambrico includes a showroom, brickyard and manufacturing facility. The company offers free estimates and information for builders and contractors interested in learning more about brick veneer installation, and also maintains a large selection of brick veneer samples to view in the state-of-the –art Ambrico showroom. For more information, please visit