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Sustainable Thin Brick

Modern design with old world charm. McNear’s Thin Brick veneer line provides the same look and durability as our clay brick, but without the extra footings and weight limitations. Perfect for any interior or outdoor application. And because of their smaller size and lower shipping costs, thin bricks leave less of an environmental footprint than full-sized bricks. Not to mention, all of our clay brick products are made using 40% – 100% recycled materials.

We’ve been supplying quality building products since 1868

McNear opened for business in 1868, based on the idea of supplying building products that meet our customer’s needs. Since that time, we’ve become the leaders by offering a one-stop shopping concept where you can get clay brick, clay pavers, interlocking concrete pavers, retaining wall systems, and fireplaces from a single source.

A Large Variety of High-End Quality Products

McNear is renowned for delivering products with consistent texture, color, quality and durability. Homeowners, contractors, architects, and designers also prefer McNear because of our broad selection. We offer over 20 brick colors in different sizes and shapes, all types of pavers, the Versa-Lok® retaining wall system, and the Rumford® fireplace system.

We’re an ICPI Certified Company

McNear is a member of the ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Industry), which provides assistance and technical information to designers, architects, and contractors. As such, we guarantee that our products meet all ICPI specifications. In addition, all McNear sales people are ICPI certified. McNear is a founding member of the Western States Clay Product Association.

Beautiful for your home, Healthy for the Environment

Traditionally, people chose building products based solely on aesthetic qualities. But these days, homeowners and contractors increasingly prefer environmentally friendly products that minimize the impact on our natural resources. McNear’s brick and concrete products provide both: the beauty that enhances your lifestyle with the long-term sustainability that protects our environment.

McNear is dedicated to preserving our natural resources. Each year we remove over 35,000 tons of clay from the waste stream, which reduces the need for additional mining. We also provide a local collection point for excavators to dispose of their waste, sparing our community from the environmental costs of increased truck traffic.

The Environmental Benefits of Brick

McNear clay bricks are produced from material that would otherwise end up as useless, environmentally damaging landfill. In fact, we use mostly recycled clay and shale, which is locally excavated from trench work, house pads, swimming pools, and landscaping.

No other building material rivals masonry’s life cycle – masonry is permanent. Combined with its energy efficient qualities and natural ingredients, you can see why masonry is one of the most sustainable building materials available. Even more, since masonry doesn’t need to be painted, it requires no or little maintenance. Not only is brick good for our planet’s health, it also provides you with a flexible and durable building option.

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McNear Brick & Block – Old California Series

McNear Brick & Block – Sandmold Series

McNear Brick & Block – Town Series

McNear Brick & Block – Commercial Series

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