American Brick Company's Pick Your Thin Brick

American Brick Company’s Pick Your Thin Brick

At Ambrico, we’ve designed our services to keep our clients in control, and that includes making it easy for you to pick your own brick. We’ve done the hard part of creating a vast network of industry leading manufacturers to ensure that you have the largest and most diverse assortment of top-quality products to choose from – all you have to do is find and decide which are your favorites. So please, take your time looking below. We’re certain you’ll find everything need and more!

Acme Brick Company

For over a century, Acme Brick has dominated the market with their stunning inventory of superior, sustainable products and devout customer care. Choose Acme Brick as a homebuyer, and you might even be able to enjoy a 100 Year Limited Guarantee with your purchase – but first, discover the brick that best meets your needs by checking out Acme’s magnificent brochure!

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Endicott Thin Brick

If elegant distinction is what you desire, Endicott’s architecturally impactful thin brick is the ideal choice for your year-round residential, commercial, industrial new build or remodeling needs. It offers incomparable color and sheen thanks to its unique mineral composition and manufacturing process, giving Endicott’s exclusive products an edge like no other.

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Authintic Brick by Meridian® Brick

With a motto like, “Be Bold, Be Brick,” it’s easy to assume what Authintic Brick by Meridian® Brick has to offer. Vibrant, warm colors offering comforting textures that are designed to compliment any residential, commercial or industrial space, and a thoughtful manufacturing process that ensures strength and quality every time. See for yourself by checking out their brochure now.

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Marion Ceramics

Looking for something natural? You’ll never go wrong choosing Marion Ceramics. They’ve been successfully using the same clay reserves and proven manufacturing techniques for well over 100 years, and they don’t plan on breaking tradition anytime soon. To see their spectacular selection, take a look at their brochure now.

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McNear Brick and Block

McNear’s thin brick specializes in offering modern brick designs that still encapsulate the old world charm brick it is known for. Plus, it’s sustainably made and cost effective to ensure its popularity among all residential, commercial and industrial property owners alike. Learn more about McNear today to see if it’s the right brand for you.

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Metro Brick

When it comes to thin brick, METROBRICK® never has time for nonsense. Whether you are looking for thin brick for a residential, commercial or industrial project, it is the ultimate choice for any tilt up, pre-cast, or field applied applications, period. Choose the right thin brick for you by taking a quick look at METROBRICK’s® vast selection now.

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General Shale

With more than 125 years of experience and commitment to quality, enduring charm is exactly what you can expect to get when you choose General Shale. If personality is what you wish to show off with your thin brick application, General Shale’s exceptional inventory is sure to impress.

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Summitville Brick

For almost a century, Summitville has continued to offer “premium grade clay” made products designed to guarantee maintenance-free durability and visual attraction for a wide variety of industrial and commercial projects. If that is your intention, please, check out Summitville’s selection of thin brick today.  

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Feldhaus Thin Brick

Known for offering “one of the finest manufactured thin brick in the world,” Feldhaus products are designed for all thin brick applications with PCI and ASTM compliance in mind. Feldhaus’ thin brick line is even manufactured using only the most advanced facilities and exclusive equipment available to ensure its superior standards. If superior standards are your greatest concern, you won’t find a more impressive inventory than Feldhaus’.

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