Brick Suppliers Michigan

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American Brick Company, or Ambrico, as it’s more commonly known, has been the number one most trusted brick suppliers and installation services provider in Michigan for almost 50 years. We specialize in distributing exceptionally durable “thin brick” products, which offer the same great authentic appeal as traditional brick except with greater versatility, easier installation, and a significantly lower cost. The best part is, we’re the only thin brick suppliers in the entire area that can claim we offer products made of 40 to 100 percent recycled materials, which means when you choose us to be your brick suppliers, you’re choosing the most eco-friendly, sustainable products on the market. But that’s not all. At Ambrico, we’re not just outstanding brick suppliers at all, we’re also installation system experts, which means in addition to actually distributing and installing the highest quality thin brick materials, we’re also the sole inventors of the patented EZ-Wall Thin Brick System, which is the same installation system we currently use to ensure the longevity of our products. Bottom line is, if you’ve been looking for trustworthy brick suppliers that can offer you exceptional products and services for unrivaled prices, whether your renovation project is indoors or out, trust Ambrico today. We’re more than just incredible brick suppliers, we have everything you need to ensure a stress-free renovation no matter how big your project is.

Brick Suppliers Michigan

Brick Suppliers MichiganAmbrico is proud to be Michigan’s best brick suppliers, offering amazing thin brick products for incredible rates to home and business owners who want greater quality for less. After all, residents of Michigan deserve access to top-notch building materials, and brick has been a staple part of the state’s architecture since its very beginning. In fact, some of the most architecturally popular buildings in Michigan to visit today, including Detroit’s Guardian Building, the Meyer May House, and the William and Mary Palmer House, are all made primarily of brick. However, just because you love the traditional, classic visage of Michigan’s oldest buildings, doesn’t mean you have to start renovating with real brick to capture the same aesthetic in your own backyard. In fact, if you want your home or business in Michigan to have that old school, all-brick charm you love without all the hassle that typically comes with, all you have to do is turn to Michigan’s most experienced thin brick suppliers at Ambrico. Restoring the glory of old brick properties, and giving newer properties in Michigan a stronger, more rustically dignified appeal, is what we love to do.

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