Installation of EZ Wall® Engineered Thin Brick Panel System

Installation of EZ Wall® Engineered Thin Brick Panel System

Thin brick is a lightweight, completely versatile masonry veneer that can be adhered to virtually any interior or exterior surface. It’s great for commercial businesses who wish to refresh their office’s curb appeal, as well as for homeowners who want to try something new or increase their property’s resale value. Best of all, it weighs less, costs less, is more sustainable, and even easier to install. Just remember, of course, no matter how much simpler it may be, if you have no experience whatsoever with the installation of EZ Wall® engineered thin brick panel systems, you’re still going to want to pay attention to the installation instructions to ensure the quality and longevity of your finished product.

Getting Prepared

Before you can even get started on your renovation project, you’re going to want to get prepared. In order to even obtain and get acutely familiar with all your tools, equipment, materials, and everything else, you’re going to need to know the total square footage of your project so you can get the right quantities of everything, as well as determine your linear footage for trims, flashings, and starter strips. You’re also going to need to know how long your project is going to take so you can plan out your schedule accordingly, as it is not likely to be a quick, single afternoon job. Once you know what you need, then you have to find the right suppliers and take care of your wall preparation and expansion/control joints. Then, the actual installation process can begin.

Quality Installation

So long are you’re well prepared, the actual installation of thin brick should be relatively simple. You’ll first need to set up your panels and fasteners, as these will be what your thin brick grips to. Then you can focus on cutting your pieces to fit your master row, prepping your mortar, and getting everything put up according to the official, in-depth installation manual available here. Afterwards, wait at least 24 hours for the new surface to set, and then sometime between then and 72 hours after your walls initial installation, give everything a good cleaning.

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