Thin Brick Suppliers Michigan

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Of all the thin brick suppliers Michigan has to offer, we’re certain that you’ll never regret choosing American Brick Company – or Ambrico, as we so often love to call ourselves. Not only have we been the leading thin brick suppliers and installation experts for nearly 50 years, but we’re also the exclusive inventor of our patented EZ-Wall Thin Brick System. That means, when you put your trust in our thin brick suppliers and installation experts, you can rest easy knowing that your finished project will be exceptionally durable and ready to impress quickly, not to mention last for years to come. Best of all, we’re honored to be one of the only thin brick suppliers around that offers our customers the chance to choose a “greener brick,” meaning we offer products built for sustainability out of 40 to 100 percent recycled materials. Of course, our vast selection of exceptional manufacturers is nothing to scoff at either. Whether you’re looking for an ideal new backsplash for your kitchen, tile flooring for your bathroom, or a brand new outdoor patio to entertain, we’re the thin brick suppliers you can trust to always have everything you need. Bottom line is, if you’re looking for brick that offers incredible longevity, greater versatility, and easy installation all for a more than fair price, choose Ambrico – the thin brick suppliers who truly care.  

Thin Brick Suppliers Michigan

Thin Brick Suppliers MichiganAmbrico is proud to be Michigan’s best thin brick suppliers, offering amazing thin brick products for incredible rates to home and business owners who want greater quality for less. Michigan is, after all, a predominately rustic collection of communities, with many unique, naturally inspired architectural styles dating back hundreds of years still in existence today. In fact, many of Michigan’s oldest existing buildings throughout the state, including the Wing-Allore House, the Commandants Quarters in Dearborn, and the Ticknor-Campbell House, were all carefully crafted from beautifully strong brick that has definitely managed to stand the test of time. Of course, just because you’re property in Michigan wasn’t originally made with traditional brick, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the same aesthetic as the stunning old brick buildings in Michigan you love. All you have to do is trust Michigan’s favorite thin brick suppliers at Ambrico, and voila! Your property in Michigan can have the same exact incredible appeal as all the other gorgeous historical buildings in your neighborhood that you love, for a fraction of the cost!

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