Thin Brick Supplier Detroit MI

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At American Brick Company, also known as Ambrico for short, we have continued to maintain our status as one of Detroit’s leading thin brick suppliers for close to 50 years. We are very honored to say that our extensive expertise goes far beyond what your average thin brick supplier has to offer. In fact, we’re not just thin brick suppliers at all. We just so happen to be one of the most revered installation companies in the business as well, with our very own patented installation system, the EZ-Wall Thin Brick System, to ensure a faster, more cost-effective installation process for our clients with greater insulation value and a significantly longer lifespan. Of course, our greatest joy comes from being the primary supplier of all the most popular products from the most well known thin brick manufacturing companies – which allows us to grant our renovation enthusiasts total freedom when it comes to creating unique orders that best suit their individual styles and personalities. Although, we do also enjoy being the exclusive supplier of “greener bricks” as well, the only thin brick made from 40 to 100 percent recycled material. Although truthfully, whether you’re interested mostly in style and longevity, or sustainability and cost matter most to you, we’re confident you simply won’t find a more comprehensively superior thin brick supplier than Ambrico!

Thin Brick Supplier Detroit MI

Thin Brick Supplier Detroit MIAmbrico is proud to be the most experienced thin brick supplier in Detroit, MI, offering amazing thin brick products for incredible rates to home and business owners who want greater quality for less. Detroit is hands-down the most popular city in all of Michigan. Detroit is renowned for its culture and history, as well as for its bold, timeless architectural choices. If you look around, you’ll notice that many of the homes and establishments in Detroit all have something in common visually. In fact, if you take a glance at the long list of Nationally Registered Historic Places in Detroit, you’ll notice the same thing – that almost all the properties are made of brick, and that brick buildings have been a major part of Detroit’s history since the very beginning. That’s why, if you absolutely love the warm, cozy aesthetic of brick, we urge you to trust Detroit’s number one thin brick supplierAmbrico – today. We know we can help upgrade the appearance and enhance the value of your property in Detroit or surrounding area, for a fraction of the cost and hassle. All you have to do is let us!

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