Brick Supplier Oak Park MI

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If you have some innovative ideas involving brick you want to explore, you’re going to need the most innovative brick supplier at your beck and call – and that’s us, the American Brick Company, or rather Ambrico for short. For more than 50 years, we have been a leading brick supplier, brick veneer installation services provider, and installation systems inventor. We even designed and were the first to implement our EZ-Wall Thin Brick System. Best of all, being an independent brick supplier instead of a manufacturer allows us to offer our extensive client network access to high quality thin brick products made by some of the biggest names in brick, including Acme, Endicott, Summitville, and more. In fact, Ambrico is one of few suppliers to even offer “greener bricks,” which are manufactured for sustainability out of 40-100% recycled materials. If you are getting ready to renovate any size residential or commercial property in Oak Park, indoors or out, take this moment to consider the overall beauty, strength, durability, sustainability, and maintenance of thin brick and let us be your supplier. You just won’t find another material like it, and you won’t find another supplier like Ambrico.

Brick Supplier Oak Park MI

Brick Supplier Oak Park MIAmbrico is proud to be the most experienced brick supplier in Oak Park, MI, offering amazing thin brick products for incredible rates to home owners, contractors and business owners who want greater quality for less. After all, being surrounding by such popular first-rate cities as Detroit, Southfield, and Royal Oak has given Oak Park a first-hand glimpse at what quality and excellence truly look like, which has allowed the city to model its way of life after them. That’s why, despite the fact Oak Park doesn’t have hardly any attractions to call its own, it’s still managed to entice more than 25 highly respected athletes, musicians, and more to call Oak Park home throughout the years. Our favorite thing about Oak Park, though, is that a majority of the properties there are already covered in brick – and we love brick. In fact, that’s why we want to tell you and all your loved ones in Oak Park who also love brick that our thin brick is unlike anything you’ve likely ever seen. Unlike the full-size brick used on most properties in Oak Park because that is all that was available, our thin brick is as strong, durable, and beautiful as it is lightweight, easy to install, and affordable. All you have to do is make Ambrico your trusted brick supplier today!

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