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Distributing and installing incredible thin brick products has been our passion and primary business here at American Brick Company, or Ambrico for short, for nearly 50 years. In fact, in addition to being one of Metro Detroit’s most experienced local brick suppliers, we’re also the inventors of the patented EZ-Wall Thin Brick System, as well as home to the most trusted installation experts around. More importantly, however, we’re the brick supplier you definitely want to trust if you want to make sure you have plenty of stylish product options available to you, and the ability to actually pick your own brick from our vast collection of first-rate manufactures, to ensure a totally unique order that best suits your lifestyle. After all, as far as brick suppliers go, the thin brick we offer is made for exceptional durability and versatility that’s perfect for any indoor, outdoor, commercial, or residential renovation project, for a price that can’t be beat! Of course, if you’re looking for a brick supplier that offers greater sustainability so that you can feel as good as your new brick looks, we’ve got you covered there too. Unlike many other brick suppliers with products on the market, we offer exclusive, high quality thin brick made from 40 to 80 percent recycled materials! To learn more about this “greener brick,” and see for yourself if you’ll love it as much as we know you will, choose Ambrico today – the brick supplier with all the answers!

Brick Supplier Detroit MI

Brick Supplier Detroit MIAmbrico is proud to be the most experienced brick supplier in Detroit, MI, offering amazing thin brick products for incredible rates, to home and business owners who want greater quality for less. And how could we not be? Detroit is chockfull of beautiful old brick buildings that have survived generations. One of Detroit’s most famous, of course, being Comerica Park. Many agree that Comerica Park is even one of the most architecturally stunning historic landmarks in all of Detroit. It is home to the city’s beloved Detroit Tigers, and has hosted countless incredible events over the years that have made it a true hot spot for natives and tourists alike. Of course, if, like the architects in Detroit, you too have a passion for strong, raw materials, like brick, and you want to be able to enjoy its calming, naturally rustic aesthetic inside your own home, not choosing the right brick supplier can cost you a lot. Fortunately, at Ambrico we have all the answers you’re looking for. The thin brick products we offer provide the same great visual appeal you love about all of Detroit’s oldest brick landmarks, for a fraction of the cost thanks to its clever, light weight design. See for yourself just how much you’ll love it by placing your order today!

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