Thin Brick Overview

Thin Brick Overview

In recent years, thin brick veneer has all but taken over as one of the most desirable materials on the market. Many manufacturing companies today even specialize solely in thin brick production – all the while existing manufacturers continue to scramble to update their manufacturing processes so they can catch up and keep up with evolving demands for the innovative product. So, what is thin brick and why is it so amazing?

It’s Beautiful

The thing people love most about thin brick is how incredibly realistic it looks compared to regular full-size brick – and why wouldn’t it? Thin brick is created using the same proven techniques and methods used to create traditional full-size brick, in all the same stunning styles and colors you’re looking for, allowing you to enjoy the same great textures and aesthetic anywhere!

It’s Sustainable

Whether your interests in sustainability are personal or professional, no one can argue that thin brick is, in fact, superiorly sustainable. Not only is it made from 40-100% recycled materials, it uses an estimated 80% less embodied energy than any full-size brick, which is the overall energy expenditure of all mining, manufacturing, and delivery processes. What does that mean for you? It means going green has never been more profitable!

It’s Versatile

When designing and constructing a variety of properties, versatility with your products is important – and there is no material more versatile than thin brick. Thanks to its reduced dimensions and weight, thin brick can be easily installed almost anywhere inside or out. From kitchen backsplashes and conference rooms, to bathrooms and patios, thin brick is designed to look great and fit in easily everywhere.

It’s Easier To Install

When compared to traditional, full-size brick, or really any other material out there, thin brick will win every time. Thin brick weighs a fraction of what standard brick does, it requires less mortar, less energy and materials to manufacture, it’s easier and more cost effective to ship, and it costs significantly less to make and purchase. When paired with Ambrico’s patented EZ Wall® Engineered Thin Brick System, thin brick is easily the simplest, most economical and quickest material to have installed, no matter how big the project is.

It’s Available Now

For more than 50 years, Ambrico has maintained outstanding relationships some of the most reputable brands in brick, which means if you’re looking for thin brick of any kind for any type of project, we likely have it. Simply browse through our pick your brick pages and decide which available products are right for you, and we’ll make sure your order goes out as soon as possible. Just don’t forget to also inquire about our outstanding installation services while you’re at it! Reach out to our brick experts at Ambrico today by calling 866.663.6898 for a free consultation, or simply fill out the form in the sidebar.