Benefits of Bricks

Benefits of Bricks

At Ambrico, we love brick so much it would take us forever to list off all the benefits of brick we’ve come to learn throughout the years. However, you still deserve to know all the reasons you should choose brick the next time you’re considering a renovation or new build. So, we’ve managed to narrow our list down to just a few of our favorite benefits, that way we could share them with you!

All Natural = Eco Friendly

Bricks are made from some of the most abundant natural materials on the planet, meaning they do not negatively impact on the environment. In fact, bricks are made by applying temperatures so high all organic materials are burned away, leaving behind the dense, durable inorganic masses we know as bricks. Some bricks, like our greener bricks, can even be made with recycled materials for added sustainability.   

Energy Efficient = Cost Effective

Brick is a great insulator, meaning it can keep any property cool during the summer and warm during the winter better than any other material on the market. This, of course, can save you hundreds of dollars per year on your utility bills since your HVAC systems won’t be forced to work as hard to maintain your desired interior temperature.

Weatherproof = Low/No Maintenance

One of the most popular features of brick is its longevity and durability with zero maintenance required. In fact, studies have even shown that brick exteriors are better at withstanding the impact of flying debris at extreme wind speeds than any other type of siding – which is why bricks are considered the ideal storm protection material.

Humidity Absorption = Greater Comfort

Because bricks are entirely inorganic their surface is more “diffusion-open” than other building materials, making them the absolute best at absorbing excess humidity from spaces and reducing your risk of getting mildew and/or dust mites. This, of course, is not only a good sign for you and your family’s health; it’s also a great way to ensure your comfort year round.

Fire Resistance = Enhanced Safety

The inorganic nature of bricks also makes them highly fire resistant. In fact, bricks have even been known to help keep fires from spreading, and are often used inside homes and businesses to create “safe rooms” for containing fires, as well as keeping fires out.

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