With Thin Brick, You Can Have Real Brick Anywhere in your Home

With Thin Brick, You Can Have Real Brick Anywhere in your Home

If you love the timeless visage of a lovely brick building, chances are you wish you could enjoy brick in your home as well. Sadly though, when using full-size brick, this often means an entire reconstruction is needed, complete with additional supports to hold up all the extra new weight – all of which can be very costly. However, what if there was a better way, a way for you to enjoy the brick you love for a fraction of the cost and hassle? Well, there is! With thin brick, you can have real, beautiful brick anywhere in your home!


Unlike full-size bricks, which can weigh up to 3.8 lbs. each, thin bricks measure in at only .65 lbs. apiece thanks to their sleek design, which means you are able to not only get way more for your money, but you’re also able to get away with not being inconvenienced by foundation permit requirements, added supports, higher installation costs, and more. For instance, standard bricks can cover only 1,637 sq. ft. per truckload, and need 1,350 lbs. of mortar per 100 sq. ft. However, because thin bricks are typically only a half-inch thick or so, and designed to be lightweight, one truckload of thin brick can cover more than 9,500 sq. ft. and use only 165 lbs. of mortar per 100 sw. ft.

Why Choose Thin Brick?

You may be thinking that by choosing thin brick you’re going to miss out on the authentic visual appearance, texture, and longevity of real brick, but that’s simply not true. In fact, in many cases, contractors have seen thin brick last just as long, or even longer than their “real” brick counterparts – and that’s primarily because thin brick is actually real brick. Thin brick offers the same rustic appeal, the same rough textures, and the same charm as any other brick, just without all the downsides holding you back.

Where Exactly Can You Use Thin Brick?

The short answer is: anywhere you can imagine! Need a new backsplash in your kitchen, or an accent wall in your bathroom, bedroom, or office? Looking for interesting new flooring that will have your guests floored? Thin brick is the perfect material for any room or space anywhere indoors or out. It’s as incredibly versatile as it is cost-effective, and the best part is your friends, family, and other guests will never even be able to tell that it’s not standard full-size brick.

Just remember, if you’re thinking about using thin brick to increase the value of your residential or commercial property, choose Ambrico. Not only have we been offering some of the finest thin brick products in the country for just about 50 years, you can also take advantage of our exclusive “greener bricks,” which are made from 40 to 100 percent recycled material! If you are looking for a thin brick supplier anywhere in the world, call Ambrico today at 866.663.6898 for a free consultation, or simply fill out the form in the sidebar.