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Nice Brick Veneer photos

Check out these brick veneer images: fertility . Image by blehk i remember tt use to mention that the huge grey thing stuck between the unmbrella reminds him of man’s genetalia. haha the designers could not have been bolder. the huge umbrellas here kinda work! they do keep a good amount of heat out of […]


Some cool brick veneer images: simulacra Image by reallyboring A fake brick veneer has been attached to this building on Lincoln Avenue for the filming of the movie "Public Enemies". Infinite Path Image by super-structure The masonry ties are located every 16" vertically along the block walls to attach the brick veneer.

Nice “faux Brick” photos

Some cool faux brick images: White brick Image by AviatorDave [admin’ed by gailatlarge] A cheery improvement on the dark faux brick that adorned the kitchen. IMG_2060 sonystyle hk – home Image by Jeremy Toeman With faux bricks and all!

Cool “faux Brick” images

A few nice faux brick images I found: IMG_6911 Image by Chas Redmond Another look at faux-brick siding in Georgetown. Kitchen Image by ringey Notice the kitchen’s genuine faux brick wall; it provides a nice contrast to the genuine real tile floor! And the gas stove is a plus, if you’re into that sort of […]

Nice “faux Brick” photos

Some cool faux brick images: IMG_2106 Image by godogo It almost looks like faux brick, like wallpaper or something. I find it interesting that everything BUT the brick is red. Achoo! Image by lseney12 And there goes the faux brick… Bathroom Image by Melly ♥ Kay More pics to come – excuse the Charmin! The […]

Nice “faux Brick” photos

Check out these faux brick images: embankment mural Image by reallyboring Murals of faux-brick and archway vistas near the train station in Joliet. Dining1 Image by brad_holt Kitchen/Dining Central Perk Renovation – Day 1: The back wall will be my faux-brick wall. I’m trying to find some cool vintage wall lamps for each side of […]

Cool “brick Veneer” images

Some cool brick veneer images: stripling_res_33-9_77-64 Image by Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, Texas A&M Title: The Stripling Residence Project Architect: Raiford Stripling Associates Inc. Architects Document Type: Drawing Format: Pencil on Vellum Physical Description: 76 x 64cm Digitization Date: 2009-06 Project Name: A Brick Veneer Residence Alterations for Mr. and Mrs. Mack M. Stripling […]