Nice “faux Brick” photos

Check out these faux brick images:

embankment mural

Image by reallyboring
Murals of faux-brick and archway vistas near the train station in Joliet.


Image by brad_holt
Kitchen/Dining Central Perk Renovation – Day 1: The back wall will be my faux-brick wall. I’m trying to find some cool vintage wall lamps for each side of the window. The window may be covered by a pane of frosted plexi-glass complete with the Central Perk logo (you know, like the one Pheobe sings in front of). The door will have to be reworked as well, but I think it’s doable.


Image by gregvanbrug
we found some original detailing on the bottom of the stairs when trying to rip out the “school play” faux bricks