Ambrico Reports Thin Brick Installations Taking Off This Spring

Summary: Ambrico sees business jump during spring and summer months as homeowners and building professionals take advantage of warmer weather to complete projects on time.

Warren, Michigan, May 2011According to American Brick Company (Ambrico), the spring and summer months are generally the most popular time of the year for thin brick installation and other home and building projects.   Ambrico, industry leaders in thin brick sales and installation, recently reported that as the summer months get closer, construction projects really start to heat up.   While everyone from homeowners to professional builders jump to take advantage of warmer weather, the team at Ambrico is ready to help at the company’s product showroom in Warren.

The Ambrico showroom features the company’s patented EZ-Wall Thin Brick system, along with products from Ambrico thin brick partners, Metro Brick, McNear Brick and Block and others.   Fully-staffed with thin brick experts who can answer installation questions and offer advice, the Ambrico showroom is an important stop for anyone who is planning a thin brick installation this season.

Ambrico reports that thin brick installations are becoming increasingly popular among those looking for a high quality product that is both easy to install and that offers environmental benefits as well.  The thin brick products that Ambrico sells replicate the look of traditional clay bricks but have a substantially lower environmental impact.  A typical thin brick product is made up of 40%-100% recycled materials and leaves a much smaller carbon footprint.  As an added benefit, thin brick or “veneer brick” lasts for years of enjoyment, unlike clay bricks which eventually crack and have to be replaced.

With the Ambrico EZ-Wall installation system, both homeowners and builders can get a timeless, classic look that won’t break the spring and summer project budget.  Known for being affordable and easy to install, the EZ-Wall system combines high-quality weather grade panels with clay kiln-fired thin brick to result in a product that looks like a traditional brick, but is easier and cheaper to install, making it an affordable option for property owners.

Headquartered in Warren, Michigan, Ambrico includes a showroom, brickyard and manufacturing facility.  The company offers free estimates and information for builders and contractors interested in learning more about brick veneer installation, and also maintains a large selection of brick veneer samples to view in the state-of-the -art Ambrico showroom.   For more information, please visit