Ambrico Updates McDonald’s Locations with a Quick and Simple Restoration Option

When McDonald’ s decided to renovate thousands of locations within a tight timeframe, Ambrico’ s ( brick panels were the one and only option with classic results and a trustworthy construction method. Delivering an elegant renovation alternative with all the luxuries of traditional brick at a fraction of the cost, Ambrico’ s veneer brick is gaining popularity with many contractors and builders.

However, with this project, came a challenge: the restaurant did not have the foundation structure to support full-width brick. But for Ambrico, this wasn’ t an issue because their thin brick weighs only 6.5 pounds per foot, making it a perfect solution to the McDonald’ s building requirements. The EZ Wall System is a great solution for replacing the existing façade of a building since it can be applied to structures built with synthetic stucco, lightweight stone veneer, wood, aluminum or vinyl siding. While most commonly used for remodeling applications, the veneer brick system can also be used in new construction where the weight of full-thickness masonry is too heavy. The EZ Wall Engineered Thin Brick System is available with a wide selection of brick colors, textures and finishes to complement the design and site requirements of any project.

Ambrico’ s brick veneer was skillfully attached to the building’s original surface and applied, producing the durability of real brick at a overall depth of only 5/8″. Now, the veneer panels of McDonald’ s are architectural-steel grade, embossed, hot dipped galvanized to G-90 finish with approximately the same thermal coefficient as brick and mortar. Ambrico’ s thin brick also eliminated the need for lintels, reducing overall project cost. The McDonald’ s restoration project was finished off with economical style options, within budget and on a tight timeframe.

McDonald’ s is the world’ s largest fast-food restaurant chain, serving more than 58-million customers daily. Employing more than 1.5-million people, McDonald’ s operates in over 31,000 locations worldwide.