Ambrico Reports Brick Veneer is a Popular Option for Builders, Contractors

Summary: Ambrico reports that brick veneer has become a popular option for builders and contractors who are looking for an affordable and durable material that is also environmentally friendly.

Warren, Michigan, February 2011 – American Brick Company (Ambrico), recently presented on the increasing popularity of brick veneer in both homes and commercial construction projects at its newly opened showroom in Warren.  According to the company, brick veneer installations are being requested by more and more contractors who are looking for both durable and “green” alternatives to traditional bricks.  Brick veneer is made up of anywhere from 40%-100% of recycled materials, making it both environmentally friendly and more affordable when compared with traditional clay bricks.

Ambrico reported that brick veneer products now look just as good, if not better, then traditional bricks.  The company noted that over time, brick veneer won’t crack or become discolored, as the products are designed for easy maintenance and a long life.  Additionally, brick veneer or “thin brick” products are made up of durable materials, including clay, gravel and cement that are also affordable as well.

Brick veneer, a veneer with a thin brick surface on its front facing side, comes in many different colors and design options, allowing for everything from a rustic, rugged brick look, to traditional red bricks.  The Ambrico showroom contains a wide variety of samples from their brick veneer collection, making it easy for customers to take a look at the many available options, while receiving guidance and advice from experts in thin brick and brick veneer installations.

Ambrico offers manuals, videos and training in brick veneer installation, and also works with contractors to perform installation services.  The company sells a variety of thin brick and brick veneer products that are highly rated among contractors and builders, and offers years of experience in the industry.  In business since 1868, Ambrico has been supplying high quality building products that are designed to exceed customer expectations.

Headquartered in Warren, Michigan, Ambrico includes a showroom, brickyard and manufacturing facility.  The company offers free estimates and information for builders and contractors interested in learn more about brick veneer installation, and maintains a large select of brick veneer samples to view in the state-of-the –art Ambrico showroom.   For more information, please visit