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Cleaning product/ solution for brick fireplace?

by Wonderlane Question by Headless Chicken!!: Cleaning product/ solution for brick fireplace? I was watching “How clean is your house” the other week and it was in the U.S. They were cleaning a brick fireplace but I cant remember what Kim said she was using. It worked really well and would like to clean mine […]

Ambrico's Thin Brick Solution Incorporates the Look and Feel of …

EZ-WALL Thin Brick System, Veneer Brick, Faux Brick | Ambrico. English French German Spanish. Pick your Brick; |; Thin Brick; |; Blog; |; Estimates; |; Contact. Call Us : 1-866-663-6898. Email : [email protected] · Home · Thin Brick … “faux brick” – Google Blog Search

Ambrico’s Thin Brick Solution Incorporates the Look and Feel of Traditional Veneer Brick into Any Structure or Space.

The EZ-Wall® thin brick system is the most widely used, longest standing brick installation system available. WARREN, Michigan, December 6, 2010— The veneer brick specialists at Ambrico (http://ambrico.com) are transforming outdated buildings with their EZ-Wall® system and updating the look and feel structures across the United States. Designed for user friendliness with homeowners in mind, […]

Ambrico’s Thin Brick Solution Provides Holiday Inn Express with Style and Elegance

The American Brick Company’ s veneer panels offer an elegant renovation option with all the luxuries of traditional brick at a fraction of the cost. WARREN, Michigan, October 15, 2010—Veneer brick pioneer, Ambrico (http://ambrico.com), has successfully renovated Erie, Pennsylvania’ s Holiday Inn Express located on 8101 Peach Street. As the manufacturer and distributor of the EZ-Wall® thin brick […]

Veneer Brick from Ambrico: a Stylish and Affordable Home-Improvement Solution.

The EZ Wall® veneer panel system accents interiors, homes, and commercial and industrial buildings. WARREN, Michigan, June 7, 2010— Specializing in customized faux bricks, Ambrico (http://ambrico.com) is offering a catalog of brick veneer walls to stylize any home or business space. Instead of thinking about wood vinyl or aluminum siding, many Americans are now choosing […]

Ambrico Offers a Thin Brick Solution for Structures Without Proper Footings for Brick

The veneer brick cousin of full-thickness brick offers the look and feel of traditional brick for buildings and interiors built with alternative siding products. WARREN, Michigan, March 30, 2010—American Brick Company, or Ambrico (http://ambrico.com), offers a thin brick solution for structures with alternative siding products, such as aluminum, wood, vinyl or synthetic stucco. Buildings, homes […]

Fake Brick from Ambrico: a Feasible Home Improvement Solution

WARREN, Michigan, March 23, 2010—Based in Warren, Michigan, American Brick Company (http://ambrico.com) presents an affordable solution to homeowners and companies who wish to improve their buildings or spaces during these trying economic times. With a whole variety of colors, textures and finishes to choose from, Ambrico’s fake brick makes the perfect accent to any home […]