Veneer Brick from Ambrico: a Stylish and Affordable Home-Improvement Solution.

The EZ Wall® veneer panel system accents interiors, homes, and commercial and industrial buildings.

WARREN, Michigan, June 7, 2010— Specializing in customized faux bricks, Ambrico ( is offering a catalog of brick veneer walls to stylize any home or business space. Instead of thinking about wood vinyl or aluminum siding, many Americans are now choosing to install EZ Wall®, which lets them enjoy the many advantages of genuine, kiln-fired brick with the ease of Ambrico’s fake brick products.

Ambrico has treasured the beauty, warmth, and durability of fake brick exteriors for years. Many structures built with alternative-siding products such as wood, aluminum, vinyl, or synthetic stucco may not have the footings, or door and window lintels required for full thickness masonry. But with Ambrico’s fake brick system, there is now a way to incorporate the look and feel of traditional brick veneer into these structures.

The veneer brick can be selected from a wide range of colors, sizes and finishes, and complements the design desired on any building. Most often used in remodeling projects, the Ambrico system is also ideal for new construction where the substantial weight of full-thickness masonry is an obstacle. In addition, the six-pounds-per-square-foot weight of the EZ Wall® brick veneer system is certainly the product of choice for applications like chimneys, dormers, gables, and other areas where full-thickness masonry would be too heavy.

Across the United States, home and business owners are turning to Ambrico’s faux brick to enjoy all the classic beauty of full-thickness brick at a fraction of the price. Best of all, the Ambrico EZ Wall® engineered brick panels are easy to install with the assistance of Ambrico’s simple instruction manual and video.

About Ambrico

Serving the entire United States from its home base in Warren, Michigan, Ambrico uses its patented EZ Wall® engineered fake brick system to economically replace and accent all types of siding products with genuine clay, kiln-fired thin brick, incorporating the look and feel of traditional brick veneer in a wide selection of brick colors, textures and finishes to complement the design and site requirements of any project. Visit for more information or to receive a quote.