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Brick is a strong, timeless material, but it can also be a heavy, expensive material as well. That’s why, if you love the look and style of brick, but don’t want to deal with all the hassle that comes with it, you need to check out the vast selection of thin brick products available through Ambrico. At Ambrico, we’ve been a reputable supplier of incredibly durable, long-lasting thin brick for more than 50 years. In fact, we’re a trusted supplier for many of the most popular manufacturers in the country, including Endicott Thin Brick, General Shale, Summitville Brick, and more. Furthermore, if you’re trying to be more sustainable with your commercial or residential project, we’re also a supplier of “greener bricks,” which offer the same appeal and strength as traditional thick brick except with the added bonus of being made from 40 to 100 percent recycled material! Not convinced we’re the best yet? Not to worry. At Ambrico, we’re much more than just your average brick supplier, we’re also one of the most experienced installation companies as well. We even conceived and created the effective EZ-Wall Thin Brick System most contractors around the world use today, and continue to be an innovator in Brick Veneer Installation Systems. So before you start searching and comparing brick suppliers nearest Madison Heights, just remember, we have more than five decades of experience being one of the leading brick suppliers in the world, and you likely won’t find anyone more qualified to help you realize your vision than us!

Brick Supplier Madison Heights MI

Brick Supplier Madison Heights MIAmbrico is proud to be the most experienced brick supplier in Madison Heights, MI, offering amazing thin brick products for incredible rates to home and business owners who want greater quality for less. Madison Heights is, after all, one of Oakland County’s most diverse little suburbs, as well as a big part of the county’s “Automation Alley.” In fact, in addition to having gorgeous neighborhoods (most of which feature stunning brick homes), Madison Heights is also home to more than 1,300 commercial and industrial businesses, 23 shopping centers, 11 hotels, and so much more. Even the popular Red Oaks Waterpark and local Nature Center can be found in Madison Heights, among other attractions. However, as much as Madison Heights may have to offer, you will still likely spend most of your time at home, which means you really should make it your own. For instance, if you love brick, why not make a focal point for your property. After all, so many homes in Madison Heights already have brick exteriors, but what about an accent wall in your bedroom, or a new backsplash in your kitchen? With Ambrico as your trusty thin brick supplier, the sky truly is the limit! So what do you say? Start increasing the value and visual appeal of your property in Madison Heights today with help from our remarkable products and services at Ambrico!

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