Ambrico’s Thin Brick Solution Provides Holiday Inn Express with Style and Elegance

"VFMLID=60789499"The American Brick Company’ s veneer panels offer an elegant renovation option with all the luxuries of traditional brick at a fraction of the cost.

WARREN, Michigan, October 15, 2010—Veneer brick pioneer, Ambrico (, has successfully renovated Erie, Pennsylvania’ s Holiday Inn Express located on 8101 Peach Street. As the manufacturer and distributor of the EZ-Wall® thin brick system, Ambrico incorporated the look and feel of traditional brick veneer into the hotel’ s exterior structure on time and within budget.

Throughout time, the hotel’ s surface displayed no noticeable signs of style or originality that differentiated Erie’ s Holiday Inn Express from other hotels in its area. The thin brick experts at Ambrico consulted with the hotel’ s staff to develop a similar luxury to brick without the weight and laborious upkeep, while giving serious attention to cost effectiveness. The result was an elegant alternative-cladding system that enhanced a look of traditional masonry and provided the hotel with a stunning new atmosphere.

Ambrico’ s EZ-Wall ® thin brick was attached to the building’s original facade surface and skillfully applied, producing the durability of real brick at a overall depth of only 5/8″. Now, the veneer panels of this hotel are architectural-steel grade, embossed, hot dipped galvanized to G-90 finish, and have approximately the same thermal coefficient as brick and mortar. Ambrico’ s veneer brick also eliminated the need for lintels, reducing overall project cost. Each panel was completed with full-depth mortar joints to ensure long-term durability and is virtually indistinguishable from traditional bricks.

The Holiday Inn Express restoration project enabled Ambrico to successfully embellish the hotel with a renewed look of beauty and warmth. Thin brick is economical and can replace or accent many types of siding with a wide selection of brick colors, textures, and finishes. Ambrico’ s informative seminars have taught hundreds of contractors, builders, and owners to brick their own building projects with the quick and simple EZ Wall® thin brick system.