Brick Veneer Cost

The mere mention of siding or cladding, which is the exterior cover of a house, meant for letting away water and weatherproofing the construction, leads me to think of brick veneer. There is nothing better than the good old brick for a house, eh? Although brick veneer just imparts the look of real brick, it is worth a thought as it does that for lesser cost. Moreover, who can ignore the classic look that the brick veneer has? Ultimately, you get that coveted brick look for your siding or any other construction and at a lower cost. But what is this brick veneer cost? Coming up are the answers for this question.

How Much Does Brick Veneer Cost – Determinants

The cost of brick veneer depends on the area to be covered or rather in question. That is one of the most basic concerns. That determines how much material are you going to need and the level of intervention of the labor and it all will add up to the cost. If there are any hauling charges for the material then that too might be considered in the overall brick veneer siding cost. The type of bricks you choose too have an impact on how much you can expect to pay. A thinner, smaller brick veneer block will cost more than a bigger block which will cover more area. So thin brick veneer cost will vary from the different types of brick veneer block. The region you are in too might have an impact, to some extent, and so will the reputation of the contractor. If the shape of the construction is unusual even then the charges might go up. Basically, the mantra is that each molded brick in a veneer needs around a quarter of the material required for a full-sized brick. This is what the whole cost equation is based on! Most of the times, mortar less brick veneer costs less than the conventional brick walls and perhaps vinyl siding too.

Brick Veneer Cost Per Square Foot

A closure brick veneer (3 5/8″x3 5/8″x7 5/8″) as of 2009-10, costs around $15.18, at the most, with the lower end around $5. This is for a professional installation of the brick veneer. The lower end of the spectrum will be for the less durable and low quality brick veneer. On the other hand, 4″ Modular brick veneer – wood frame costs around $17.9 for a sq. feet. In addition to this, if the brick has to be adhered with stone, the charges could be slightly more. Further, sometimes it may happen that the brick veneer may crack. The cost will have to include the charges for repairing that too. This applies to exterior brick veneer cost as well. You might want to know about brick siding cost too.

Why Brick Veneer

Well, after checking out brick veneer cost, which might not exactly be on the inexpensive side, I am sure you might be thinking that why go for brick veneer siding when it comes to siding. Allow me to tell you that there are a number of reasons for doing so. Most importantly, brick veneer retains a lot of properties of actual solid brick. It is fire proof too, apart from being durable. That could hep you save money on the insurance premiums. Moreover, there is not much of maintenance involved too and in comparison to solid brick, brick veneer gives better insulation, as it traps the air within the gap between the couple of exterior walls. For similar stuff on siding, check out asbestos siding removal cost.

All in all, brick veneer could turn out to be a good option, only if a proper decision is made about the material and the like. For that, taking proper measurements of the area in question have to be taken. Last, but not the least is that these costs are not the final costs. Your local contractor and masonry outfit will be able to tell you the exact brick veneer cost as per your specific requirements. That’s it! I sign off here!