For a good surface-covering, choose the brick veneer

What people want is a cheaper, sustainable and long term substance for the structuring of walls. There is no denying to this fact that building a home and getting it interiorized require a huge monetary investment and plenty of time. So it is wiser to consider resilient materials for construction. A contemporary substitute of traditional bricks, named brick veneer is considered best in terms of durability or longevity of the life of walls. It has been observed that people are fond of using it for Interior brick veneer, fireplace brick veneer in order to give an antique look to their home.

Brick veneer is basically a coating with a thin brick surface on the front, sometimes referred as outer “skin” of brick and idealistically made for insulation of walls. Very much like tiles, it is installed with the help of mortar .On interior or exterior walls, brick veneer is laid and set onto place after spreading the mortar. One can use brick veneer for crafting a brick veneer fireplace inside the room to give an aesthetic addition to it as antique brick veneer can add charm and warmth to fireplace, which also gives the appearance as being built solid.
The more significant part of using brick veneer is that it is virtually maintenance-free and other advantages of brick veneer are mentioned below:

Very easy to install
Comparatively more sustainable and cost-effective
Have fire proof components Provide a weather shield for the buildings
Fiscally reasonable item to buy
Around year installation is possible

Although brick veneer is relatively a new item which is getting popular increasingly in commercial and residential markets, selection of which is based on its texture, colors and finishing. Essentially these bricks are made from clay and other components like cement and gravel but Polyurethane is also commonly used in the making of it.

Interestingly one can install brick veneer oneself but people prefer to hire a mason due to their busy schedule. However it is better to let this task performed by professionals but if one is planning to do it himself then he needs to keep in mind few things like:

It is a porous compound so if it is supposed to use for external covering then always use a vapor barrier that will help to separate the wall from brick veneer wall.
If it is going to be used in coolest zones then sealants should be used.

But it is not that much difficult to install it as it seems because brick veneer is much lighter than regular brick and therefore quite easy to install. So get your home enriched with brick veneer interior or with the setting up of brick veneer fireplace.