Veneer Brick: You’ll Be Certainly Happy You Purchased It

Faux Brick comes in many forms, material compositions, and methods of installation. Choosing a faux brick will depend on whether you are going to use the product indoors or outdoors and the surface that the “brick” will be installed on. All of the manufactures strive to make brick look realistic, but with easy installation, lightweight, easy maintenance and cost savings.

Several manufactures produce faux brick and stone panels that are made from plastic recycled materials. Others are made from polypropylene polyurethane or polymer-based materials. Most of these come in panel form. The panels have the colored brick and mortar pattern on the panel. There are a wide variety of bricks to choose from. If you are looking for a Victorian look, there is a brick for that. Tan, yellow brick, old school house, white or the used brick looks are all options.

The panels are made from sturdy plastic. They are lightweight and are weather and insect resistant. The 1/8 inch panels are flexible for a curved surface. The 3/4 to 1 inch panels are more rigid and can withstand blunt force trauma. An installation recommendation is cement or screws, and in some cases both methods. For a complete look, trim and corner pieces are available to match.

There are also thin types of bricks made from several different materials. One is vermiculite and another is from quartz sand and other natural materials. The composition makes the bricks light weight and provide a natural looking texture. Mortar is used for installation for this style and a similar process is used as with bricks made from clay. However, these bricks are much lighter in weight, and can be used where a conventional brick application may be prohibitive.

Using one manufacturer’s product of either clear or white plastic panels may be just right for you if you have an existing wall that you need to match. It would also be a sturdy and lightweight choice. If you have some experience in faux painting it may be helpful in this case, but your results will be just what you had in mind.

One company makes a panel from recycled paper and cardboard. These panels come ready to paint with any color or effect you choose. Some experience in faux techniques is required. These panels are water resistant, but not waterproof. Lightweight and inexpensive, these panels are a good choice for stage use.

Full brick size is yet another choice. These bricks are made from recycled products, such as plastics, and ceramics and are very durable. These bricks can be used for many applications wherever clay bricks can be used, but because they are made from all recycled materials, they are a environmentally “green” project choice.

The thin brick are very easy to install and your project will be done quickly. The brick veneer type may take a little more time and expertise, but whatever style you choose, the results will be amazing. Always check for installation instructions, as each manufacturer does have recommended installation guides. For damp areas there may be extra steps that need to be done. Exterior applications may take yet another method. Faux brick can change the appearance of almost any surface and make an average space a sensational work of art.