Faux Brick Veneer

For those readers who are considering home improvement projects and concepts, faux brick veneer is an idea worth giving a serious look. Faux brick presents many advantages over traditional brick. The appeal of faux brick and faux brick veneers lie in the many useful characteristics and potential uses of the materials themselves.

Veneers’ Appeal

A wide variety of veneers, such as faux brick veneer, exist. These include brick, cultured stone, and natural stone, among others. They are all useful for both external and internal siding applications and wall surfaces. These veneers can be either cladding or facing components, attached on practically any kind of wall surface. Veneers offer both every needed functionality along with the added decorative appeal that home improvement projects, such as remodeling and renovating, require.

Internal and External Applications of Faux Brick Veneer


Veneers like faux brick have a wide ranging utility in internal applications. They easily accent any room’s wall surfaces. Faux brick and other veneers turn ugly and boring walls into creative and stand out architecturally attractive walls. Externally, faux brick veneer goes well on either sidings or existing walls that are constructed out of timber, concrete, metal, or fiber board. They work well in most any application.

Advantages of Faux Brick

Among the most helpful advantages to faux brick venner products lies in their identical appearance to brick. Yet, they are actually made at only a quarter of the thickness of regular sized bricks. Because of this, the expenses in these materials prove to be far less significant, since the thickness of the material utilized is so much less. The cost factor turns out to be the principal reason that home owners choose such brick veneer products. Faux bricks actually possess all of the benefits of normal sized bricks but do not feature the high prices commonly associated with real bricks.

Besides the appearance and price of faux brick veneer, it possesses numerous other advantages. For one thing, faux brick veneers weigh far less than do traditional bricks. For another, they are also much simpler for do it yourself home owners to actually install than are real bricks. Faux brick veneer also comes in several finishes and styles from which a home owner can select. They work well both outside and inside of a house. Many people may not be aware of the enduring nature of faux brick veneer, but it is both versatile and durable. These surfaces provide both elegance and charm to any type of interior or exterior decor.

Faux brick veneer also presents a variety of unique characteristics that make it desirable. It does not need any type or form of maintenance, which is always a plus for busy home owners. The faux brick works fine in any kind of weather conditions. It is a noteworthy point that faux brick veneers are water proof. They are similarly fire proof. Used inside of a home, faux brick veneers offer thermal heating advantages. Finally, some of these faux brick veneer panels are created in a pre assembled form to be even easier for home owners to install.

How Faux Brick Veneers Are Made

Man made brick veneers are created using a special mixture containing light weighing aggregates, Portland cement, and colored oxide pigments. This combination is actually poured into molds that are thin in shape. These molds vibrate in the process, lending the veneers their actual rough and authentic looking quality that is so similar to brick. The faux brick veneers can come in a wide range of brick shapes, finishes, designs, and sizes for a home owner’s different needs in home improvement projects.