Ambrico Says Brick Veneer Siding Protects Homes Best Against Bad Weather

American Brick Company, creators of the EZ-Wall Thin Brick Installation System and retailers of top selling brands of thin brick products, recently reported that brick veneer siding (also referred to as ‘thin brick’ or ‘faux brick’) is ideal for homes that frequently take a beating from the weather. Citing brick veneer’s durability and low-maintenance design, Ambrico spokesperson Brian Burns reported that when it comes to maintaining a great exterior look, thin brick is ideal: “Many homeowners think that the only type of weather that can cause damage to their home is snowy, wintry weather and high winds, but the reality is that your home can undergo even more damage when it is subjected to hot summer sun and other environmental conditions as well.”

According to Ambrico, thin brick and brick veneer siding are a great alternative for those looking for something that looks like brick but lasts much longer; “We are seeing more and more that builders want an option that will mimic the look of traditional clay brick siding, but that won’t crack, fade or become loose over time. With brick veneer siding, you get something that looks amazing and that requires very little maintenance to keep looking great. As an added bonus, thin brick is also an environmentally-friendly building option, so it’s something that we can feel good about recommending for our customers.”

Brick veneer is typically easy to install, while the method used varies and depends on the type of veneer and what it is being used for. Lighter-weight thin brick products are typically installed directly onto surfaces (similar to the way that ceramic tiles are stuck onto walls), while other types of brick veneer are installed as a separate wall, with its own foundation.

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