Ambrico’s EZ-Wall® Fake Brick System a Viable Alternative to Full-Thickness Brick

American Brick Company offers the classic beauty of brick walls at a fraction of the price.

WARREN, Michigan, April 14, 2010—Homeowners and businesses throughout the country are turning to the American Brick Company ( for fake brick walls that look just like full-thickness brick for a fraction of the price. In Indiana alone, Indianapolis’ Amoco Station, Remington’s FBI buildings and Terre Haute’s City Center all feature the brick veneer walls of the Ambrico EZ-Wall® fake brick system. In New Mexico the fake brick can be found at the Clovis Pizza Hut, and in California the thin brick system can be seen on stores and private residences throughout the state.

The engineered fake brick walls offer a number of benefits that full-thickness brick lacks: thin brick is more affordable, it’s easier to install, and it can be placed anywhere—regardless of the cladding material used on the structure. The patented EZ-Wall® system even resolves traditional problems related to moisture migration and substrate incompatibility caused by temperature extremes.

EZ-Wall® is ideal for parapet walls, columns and piers. It’s even perfect for lofts, giving the full “through the wall” look that loft dwellers often prefer—without the loss of square footage that traditional masonry brings.

With the EZ-Wall® solution, homeowners and companies everywhere can enjoy the warmth and durability of full-thickness brick without the complication and high cost of traditional masonry.

About Ambrico
Serving the entire United States from its home base in Warren, Michigan, Ambrico uses its patented EZ Wall® engineered thin brick system to economically replace and accent all types of siding products with genuine clay, kiln-fired thin brick, incorporating the look and feel of traditional brick veneer in a wide selection of brick colors, textures and finishes to complement the design and site requirements of any project. Visit for more information or to receive a quote.

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