Homeowners Save Money by Taking Advantage of Ambrico Veneer Brick System

In today’s volatile economy, many homeowners are turning to American Brick Company’s signature thin brick system for inexpensive, easy-to-install brick walls that look identical to their full-thickness cousin.

WARREN, Michigan, March 16, 2010—Economists may have started predicting the end of the economic downturn, but most people remain wary about making quick financial decisions. Feeling that concern as much as anyone are homeowners, many of whom, instead of attempting to sell their homes in the struggling market, are looking to home improvement options instead to seek out the change of pace they’re looking for.

One Southeast Michigan company, Ambrico (https://ambrico.com), offers its EZ Wall® engineered veneer brick system to just that type of homeowner.

The EZ Wall® veneer brick system is affordable and easy to install, and can turn any house into a warm, welcoming home. Ambrico veneer brick comes in a variety of colors, finishes and textures, and is appropriate for any home improvement project. In fact, the Ambrico system works for commercial spaces as well, lending to all buildings the classic, elegant look that brick walls provide, with the affordability of faux brick.

Even for buildings constructed with other siding materials, such as wood, aluminum, vinyl or synthetic stucco, that don’t have the footings or door and window lintels that are required for full-thickness masonry, EZ Wall® thin brick can be used to achieve the timeless and beautiful look of brick walls.

With decades of experience and installations throughout the country, Ambrico is the ideal provider for homeowners who want to refresh the look and feel of their homes—affordably and simply.

About Ambrico
Serving the entire United States from its home base in Warren, Michigan, Ambrico uses its patented EZ Wall® engineered thin brick system to economically replace and accent all types of siding products with genuine clay, kiln-fired thin brick, incorporating the look and feel of traditional brick veneer in a wide selection of brick colors, textures and finishes to complement the design and site requirements of any project. Visit https://ambrico.com for more information or to receive a quote.

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