Ambrico Announces New Catalogue of Thin Brick Colors and Finishes

New, versatile brick veneer wall selections fit any project and budget.

WARREN, Michigan, Feb. 9, 2010—Ambrico ( is thrilled to introduce new colors, textures, shapes, sizes and finishes for its EZ Wall® engineered thin brick system. Now available to customers are brick veneer wall selections that range from contemporary smooth and glazed brick to traditional reclaimed looks. Special shapes of thin brick are also available, and can be used to create sills, cornices, quoins and other ornamental architectural details.

With the new range of available colors, the ability to match many thin bricks to their identical cousin, full-face brick, aids greatly in many applications. And with the new availability of a wider selection of veneer brick specifications, the EZ Wall® system complements the design and site requirements of any project.

Most often used in remodeling projects, the Ambrico system is also ideal for new construction where the substantial weight of full-thickness masonry is an obstacle. In addition, the six-pounds-per-square-foot weight of the EZ Wall® brick veneer system is certainly the product of choice for applications like chimneys, dormers, gables and other areas where full-thickness masonry would be too heavy.

In the Ambrico thin brick installation system, each thin veneer unit is supported and spaced with custom relief ledge integrated into the steel. The panel can accommodate various sizes of thin veneer for interior or exterior use.

The EZ Wall® system is so versatile it can be applied in combination with siding products such as wood, aluminum, vinyl, synthetic stucco and lightweight stone veneer. Additionally, customers now have their pick of a number of customized finishes—various colors, textures and sizes (brick, tile, marble and granite).

The EZ Wall® finished wall system can be insulative, structural or fire rated. The system offers designers a number of newly introduced choices for sizes, patterns, finishes and textures. Contractors have the convenience of being able to choose from various methods of installation to fit budget, site and project. And owners benefit from the cost effective, aesthetically pleasing and maintenance-free wall system that Ambrico provides.

About Ambrico
Serving the entire United States from its home base in Warren, Michigan, Ambrico uses its patented EZ Wall® engineered thin brick system to economically replace and accent all types of siding products with genuine clay, kiln-fired thin brick, incorporating the look and feel of traditional brick veneer in a wide selection of brick colors, textures and finishes to complement the design and site requirements of any project. Visit for more information or to receive a quote.

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