Saving Time and Money with the EZ-Wall Installation System from Ambrico

Summary: The EZ-Wall System from Ambrico has been trusted for over 50 years.  Offering attractive thin brick designs and a simplified installation process that can be completed quickly and efficiently, Ambrico has installed thin brick facades on everything from sports arenas to hospitals.

Warren, MI, September 12 2011 – The EZ-Wall Installation System from American Brick Company (Ambrico) has made thin brick installations even easier for those looking to renovate an existing structure or who are putting the final touches on a new project.  Used in more than 10,000 installations, EZ-Wall has been proven to be a smart choice for builders looking for a simple way to complete thin brick installations quickly and easily.

The EZ-Wall Installation System has been used for over 50 years in a variety of construction projects.  From schools and sports arenas, to hospitals and shopping malls, the thin brick experts at Ambrico recommend EZ-Wall to anyone looking for the easiest way to install faux brick that looks great and is highly durable as well.

Ambrico, the North American leader in thin brick distribution, both manufactures and distributes the EZ-Wall brick system from the company’s headquarters in Warren.  The company reports that thin brick (also referred to as brick veneer or faux brick) has become increasingly popular among builders thanks to the large variety of designs and colors available and the quick installation time.  Unlike traditional clay bricks, which can take days or even weeks to install, thin brick installed with EZ-Wall are often done in a day or two.  There are also many different designs and colors available, making it easy to find the perfect product for your building needs.

With EZ-Wall, Ambrico takes the guesswork out of installing a new facade to replace outdated vinyl siding or cracked and faded clay bricks.  The results are impressive – a faux brick installation that has the timeless, classic look of real bricks, without the hassle of cracks and fading.

Headquartered in Warren, Michigan, Ambrico includes a showroom, brickyard and manufacturing facility.  The company offers free estimates and information for builders and contractors interested in learning more about brick veneer installation, and also maintains a large selection of brick veneer samples to view in the state-of-the -art Ambrico showroom.   For more information, please visit