Remington’s Faux Brick Entryway by Hawkeye Custom Concrete

In this video Hawkeye Custom Concrete installs a Faux Brick decorative Concrete Floor using Elitecrete Systems products! for more information
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Get the exposed brick look with faux brick veneer. The Soho Brick panel system consists of high definition replicas of century old weathered brick. The brick faces are cast from high density gypsum in high definition silicone moulds. They are truly realistic both in texture and visually, and are totally maintenance free. The colors are UV resistant and will not fade. The Soho Brick panel system is environmentally safe, non-polluting and non-toxic. Each panel consists of 24 individual brick faces approximately ¼” thick, pre mounted, and pre spaced on a fiberglass mesh (similar to drywall tapping mesh). Each sheet covers 4 square feet and is available in Chicago Yellow Buff, and Traditional Red. Custom colors are also available. Call Soho Brick Company at (416)244-8530 for more information. To view more images please visit Facebook Flickr Myspace