How to Cut a Hole in Brick Veneer

Brick veneer is a thin layer of surfacing material commonly found on both the interior and exterior of houses. Brick veneer can add elegance and style to a home. It provides durability with very low maintenance requirements. Installation differs depending on whether it is an inside or outside application. Cutting a hole in outside brick veneer is a job that most homeowners can do with minimal carpentry skills and the proper tools.

Things You’ll Need:

* Safety goggles
* Drill
* Masonry bit
* Stud finder
* Masonry brush
* Pencil
* Chalk
* Rags
* Water
* Circular saw
* Masonry blade

1. Determine where the hole will be located on the brick veneer. Go inside to make sure there are no studs where you’re going to drill the hole. Use a stud finder to verify this. Mark the direct center of where the hole will go from the inside of the house.
2. Drill a hole precisely on that mark with a masonry bit. Drill until the bit moves into the outside of the house. Be sure to press firmly on the drill, as drilling through brick may take longer than expected and you’ll need to apply some steady force.
3. Go back outside and mark the area on the brick veneer you need to remove. Remember, the hole is located in the direct center of the area. Outline the area with chalk so you will take out the exact size piece you need to remove.
4. Start in one corner and cut the line with a circular saw using a masonry blade. Cut around the entire area until the brick veneer comes free and you can remove it. Turn the saw off and allow the area proper time to cool down before moving on.
5. Remove the entire piece and brush out the area with a masonry brush to remove any dust and debris left over. Wipe down the area with water and a wet rag to ensure it is completely clean.

Tips & Warnings

* Always use safety goggles when drilling through any type of brick and when cutting out the brick veneer with the circular saw.
* Use an angle grinder if the area you’re cutting is extremely small.