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About Hanson Brick

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Hanson Brick is North America’s largest brick manufacturer with a total capacity of more than 1.7 billion bricks. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, we employ approximately 1,200 people. Our facilities in the United States are located in Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas. In Canada, we operate facilities in Ontario and Quebec.

Hanson Brick provides superior selection and service, and more than 1,000 styles of brick in four regional brick collections. Among architects and builders across the U.S. and Canada, we are known for:

  • Innovation: It’s apparent in our products, people and service.
  • Service: Our company is straightforward, honest and reliable in all its business relationships.
  • Influence: We lead our industry in experience, knowledge and skills.

About Hanson VersaThin Thin Brick

With more color, texture and style options than any other thin brick, and the backing of the trusted Hanson Brick name, VersaThin changes everything. Because VersaThin is crafted from our existing selection of full-face brick, you can choose from any combination of size, color, texture and coating. No other manufacturer of thin brick gives you such an extensive variety.
  • 4 regional collections
  • 10 unique textures
  • More than 200 colors in beige, brown, burgundy, grey, orange, pink, red, tan, white and yellow
  • 12 coatings
  • ½” and custom cut profiles
  • Flat & corner cut

Complete creative freedom

VersaThin can help you create virtually any look—indoors or out—from rustic and weathered to modern and contemporary. Whatever masterpiece you envision, Hanson Brick’s comprehensive line of VersaThin can make it happen.invest less. create more.
The VersaThin line allows more flexible and less costly installation. It’s perfect for precast and tilt-up, prefabricated panel systems, adhesive and mortar applications, and masonry or steel framing. Even the everyday do-it-yourselfer will enjoy the simplicity of VersaThin installation.choose your canvas
Buildings with other siding products such as wood, vinyl or aluminum may not have the footings, foundations or lintels to accommodate full-face brick masonry. The VersaThin line requires no special foundations, supports or footings, so it can be used where full-face brick cannot. Consider VersaThin your best thin brick choice for both residential and commercial applications.a timeless medium
All our brick, full-face and thin, is made primarily from local, natural, non-toxic elements from the earth—sand, gravel, crushed stone and clay. Brick is not flammable, will not react with other materials and does not release chemicals into its surroundings.

At Hanson Brick, our manufacturing process re-uses all the waste we create, so we don’t contribute to unproductive landfills. Because brick lasts indefinitely, it has no life cycle end. It can either be recycled or repurposed into other useful materials like kitty litter, backfill/aggregates, and even landscaping materials
for tennis courts, baseball fields and flower beds.

a reputable body of work
The VersaThin line of thin brick is made from real clay brick, a far superior product than faux brick, brick tile or simulated brick siding. It’s crafted from our own authentic, kiln-fired, full-face brick and meets ASTM C1088, Grade Exterior, Type TBS standards for durability, uniformity and quality. VersaThin features the best of Hanson Brick but with the added benefits of a slim profile:

  • Durable and sustainable, even in harsh climates
  • Maintenance-free
  • Fireproof
  • Slender profile allows space for wall insulation and resulting energy savings
  • Load bearing foundations not necessary or can be reduced due to light weight
  • Structural beams can be downsized since lateral seismic force requirements are lessened
  • Building floor areas can be enlarged
  • Provides the warm look and feel of masonry without the added structural cost
  • Improves a building’s R-value and can contribute toward LEED® credit

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Hanson VersaThin Thin Brick

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