What features does Ambrico offer?


Pick Your Brick

Thin brick is now manufactured by most traditional brick manufacturing companies. Most major manufacturers have updated their manufacturing process to create thin brick using the same techniques and time tested methods to create brick in veneer format. In addition, we are seeing more and more new manufacturers coming to the market as thin brick specialist.

EZ-Wall Thin Brick Installation System

Ambrico’s EZ Wall System is a great solution for replacing the existing façade of a building since it can be applied to structures built with synthetic stucco, lightweight stone veneer, wood, aluminum or vinyl siding. While most commonly used for remodeling applications, the thin brick system can also be used in new construction where the weight of full-thickness masonry is too heavy.

Brick Installation

American Brick Company proudly offers high quality, professional thin brick installation services performed by expert contractors with training and experience in thin brick installation.   All of the contractors that we refer and use have completed the Ambrico EZ-Wall certification process, operated by the United States Thin Masonry Association (USTMA).