Thin Brick in Springfield, OR 97475

Get Thin Brick and the E-Z Wall brick system in Springfield.  Ambrico proudly provides the best available thin and brick veneer siding from the leading manufacturers, including Acme, McNear and Hanson. Our patented EZ Wall System is a highly regarded thin brick installation system that combines prime quality grade panels with bona-fide clay kiln-fired thin brick. Our completed projects include Ford Field in Detroit, Ann Taylor and Coach stores, malls, schools and commercial and residential buildings across the USA.

American Brick Company offers the EZ Wall® Engineered Thin Brick System for those who want the look and feel of brick at a more affordable price than traditional brick

Thin Brick at Ford Field

Brick Veneer at LA Fitness

Faux Brick Shopping Mall

We would like to supply you a no-obligation quote on your Springfield thin brick project. Simply fill out the form on this page, or give us a call at 866-663-6898

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Find Out if Thin Brick is the Right Choice for Your Springfield Building or Home

Thin brick is a masonry veneer of low weight applied to exterior and interior walls of homes and commercial buildings to present the look of traditional brick at a more affordable cost and with less environmental impact. Thin brick, which is sometimes called brick veneer, is made from a combination of clay, gravel and cement.  Thin brick is authentic brick, it is just made or cut thinner. As only a part of the regular brick is used, the expense related to thin brick is always more affordable than traditional full-thickness bricks.

Thin brick is also easier to install than standard full-thickness brick.  When comparing to other buidling materials, thin brick is not only more aesthetically pleasing, but it requires less maintenance and is more durable than siding like vinyl, wood or metal. Siding made of metal tends to fade or get dented over time. Siding with wood is affected greatly by adverse weather, and will require painting at some point. When tested against vinyl siding, brick veneer proved to be more durable and less likely to puncture.

It should be noted that thin brick is a lighter covering application primarily used for looks. Thin brick should not be considered a load bearing product and will not aid in a wall’s structural strength. Brick Veneer walls are, however self-supporting, placing no additional stress on the structural components of the building. As the veneer walls are non-structural, they can be introduced after the building’s roof and walls, with out an expensive brick ledge that is required for full brick. This provides builders with a great deal of flexibility in the 97475 area.


Historically, the two basic methods for installing thin brick siding were the anchored system and the adhered system. The anchored system relies on brick ties or angle brackets to attache the thin brick wall to a building’s structural framing. The adhered system employs a small layer of mortar to attach the brick veneer to the frame and does not require the use of brick ties or anchors. These traditional methods for installing thin brick are becoming out-dated thanks to our EZ Wall® Engineered Thin Brick System. The EZ Wall System is fast and easy to install and uses sturdy panels to provide the most durability and strength offered from a thin brick installation technique.

Although thin brick installation is easier than a traditional brick wall, it is not an advisable task for amateur  homeowners without professional contracting experience.  All of the professionals that we use have successfully finished our EZ-Wall certification process, offered by the United States Thin Masonry Association (USTMA). We will be glad to help in all thin brick projects in Springfield.


Ambrico’s EZ Wall System is an ideal choice for replacing the existing appearance of a structure because it can be applied to structures constructed with just about every type of siding, such as vinyl, aluminum or wood. While most often utilized on remodeling applications, this brick veneer system can also be used in new construction when traditional brick is not needed. The EZ Wall Engineered Thin Brick System is available with a wide selection of brick colors, textures and finishes to complement the design and site requirements of any siding job. The thin brick selections stretch from contemporary glazed and smooth brick to traditional brick designs.  Special shapes of brick veneer are available to create sills, cornices, quoins and other ornamental architectural details.

Features of the EZ Wall® System:

  • Includes a steel ledge for the thin veneer’s shear weight to rest on
  • Zinc-coated galvanized to G-90 for rust prevention on heavy-duty commercial projects
  • Fasten anywhere through the panel for perfect distribution of weight
  • Specially selected components ensure strength and durability for all thin brick applications
  • Ideal for exterior and interior applications in commercial and residential construction
  • High wind loading capacity tested and certified to 154 lbs per square foot
  • Custom tab placement allows for more brick and pattern options
  • Special design and engineering keep costs down
  • Designed for installation year-yound in Springfield
  • Construction versatility: Structural, fire-rated and moisture-resistant