Thin Brick Facts

Thin Brick Facts and Advantages

  • Its real brick! Its just cut or made thinner
  • Available in multiple styles, shapes and colors
  • Brick cost is similar to full brick, however savings/advantages of thin brick:
    • its more cost efficient to transport and dispose
    • better for the environment (less resources to create thin brick in material, heat, etc.)
    • does not require a foundational brick ledge
    • easier / less costly to install
  • Thin brick is ideal for remodels – just take down your old siding and use the EZ-Wall installation system right over existing house wrap
  • Thin brick has many specialty cuts for corners, caps, and other design choices.
  • Once correctly installed, Thin brick in indistinguishable from full brick.
  • Thin brick can be used on interiors – EZ-Wall system installs right over drywall
  • Installation with the EZ-Wall system is extremely simple – check out our install manual
  • Thin brick provides more security then any other siding (see this video)
  • All brick is ‘siding’ (also known as veneer), homes are no longer built using brick as a structural component.