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Ambrico Says Brick Veneer Siding Protects Homes Best Against Bad Weather

American Brick Company, creators of the EZ-Wall Thin Brick Installation System and retailers of top selling brands of thin brick products, recently reported that brick veneer siding (also referred to as ‘thin brick’ or ‘faux brick’) is ideal for homes that frequently take a beating from the weather. Citing brick veneer’s durability and low-maintenance design, Ambrico spokesperson Brian Burns […]

Your Questions About Brick Siding Prices

Thomas asks… I am rebuilding my home from the ground up What is the most economic exterior material but not vinyl siding? This rebuilding is the result of Hurricane Katrina destroying my entire home. I am trying to find the best price for exterior material excluding brick and vinyl siding. Also where can I get […]

Your Questions About Brick Veneer

David asks… Interior Pavers or brick veneer–Has anyone installed this in their home? I would like to install either Pavers or bricks in my kitchen. Does anyone have advise for me? I have search several pics and countless online stores for different styles. I have a cement floor at the present time. Are their any […]

Ambrico Completes McDonalds Renovation Project in Plymouth, WI

American Brick Company (Ambrico), providers of thin brick products and professional thin brick installation services, recently announced the completion of a thin brick renovation for McDonalds® in Plymouth, WI. The company, which specializes in thin brick installation services for a variety of commercial and residential buildings, is excited to report the successful completion of the […]

Your Questions About Brick Siding Cost

Thomas asks… About how much will it cost to replace my home that has vinyl siding with a brick outside? My house is a 2004 build two story home that is your average size. Can you please give me an estimation on how much it will cost to replace my vinyl with brick. Mr. Thin […]