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Your Questions About Brick Siding Prices

Chris asks… Home insurance. Is this good enough? purchase price of house 362,300 approved loan 290,000 sq ft. 2100 brick/siding house built 1964 electrical and plumbing updated 2/1 bath no basement not in flood plain 2 car garage/3 beds USAA quote: Dwelling 202,000 Personal Property 151,000 loss of use Unlimited personal liability 100,000 medical payments […]

Paint on brick home.?

by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL) Question by Sandi K: Paint on brick home.? I hate the brick on our home.I thought about painting it.I have seen several that were painted and they looked good.I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on itAnd maybe were to start.Thanks Best answer: Answer by buff jbuy the best […]

Repointing pre-1920 Brick in a historic home.

I live in a house originally built in the 1860’s, owned by 10 or twelve folks over the years, and even was a boarding house in the 50’s.  Over the years, as people got money, they expanded the house.  The last major expansion was around 1917, where a kitchen and "mother-in-law" room were added.  Som…By: […]