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Your Questions About Brick Siding For Homes

Sandy asks… Do you like brick or siding better for your climate? What materials best suit home-building in your region? Mr. Thin Brick answers: Try asking this questions in polls and surveys, Obamao is already beaten you to the political oppression of making choices for the masses Lizzie asks… Why is this house built this […]

Your Questions About Brick Siding

Ken asks… Vinyl siding – how much to upgrade to brick when building a house? I’m basically looking for someone who has built a home and can answer this question: How much did it cost you to upgrade from vinyl siding to all brick? (I know there are a million variables – that’s why I’m […]

Your Questions About Fake Brick

Betty asks… I have an old brick farm house that was covered with a grey facade of brick. Can I remove it? Can I remove it with out damaging the real brick? The grey brick is only about 3/4 inch thick. It looks like it was just stuck on, no wire mess etc. Has anyone […]