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Thin Brick and the EZ-Wall Installation System

Thin Brick is the new preferred choice for the timeless look and feel of a Brick exterior, without the cost and installation hardships of traditional bricks. Not only is Brick veneer less expensive, it is a great choice to update and replace the tired look of vinyl or any other siding. The EZ-Wall thin brick installation system is the most widely used, longest standing quick installation system available. American Brick Company’s EZ-Wall system has been used in more then 10,000 installations of brick veneer, more then 5x the installs of any other system. We have had successful systems in place without issue for more then 50 years, triple as long as any other system on the market. When you need to decide on the most trusted, most installed, and easiest system available for your faux brick project – there is only one choice: EZ-Wall by Ambrico!

American Brick Company

In addition to being the North American leader in thin brick distribution, we manufacture and distribute the EZ-Wall® thin brick system and installation components for thin brick such as Mastic and Mortar.

The EZ Wall® Engineered Thin Brick Cladding System is our metal panel system, perfect for interiors, exteriors, or where the building profile might suffer if an additional inch of cladding is installed. The EZ-Wall system allows a faster and more secure method to install thin brick, which is also refereed to as brick veneer, fake brick or faux brick.

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Ambrico distributes for multiple Thin Brick Manufacturers. With access to the largest selection of bricks on the web, we have the brick you need – read more…thinbrick

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