Your Questions About Thin Brick

Charles asks…

How do u put a skim-coat of thin set mortar over brick on a fireplace?

I would like to have an aged, weathered look on the brick fireplace. Are there any other options other than the thin set of mortar?

Mr. Thin Brick answers:

Putting a thin set mortar over your brick is only done when a tile is being set over the brick. Doing what your asking about won t give you what your looking for..GL

Donald asks…

How do I remove thin fake brick from the exterior of my house.?

I would like to replace it with fake stone.

Mr. Thin Brick answers:

I am a brick contractor here in Kansas city. I do fake stone and real stone, brick and block. You can remove it with a chipping hammer, but that is alot of work, or you can clean you brick and lay the fake stone on top of the old brick.
If you want to remove the brick you just chip away. I would suggest you put down a tarp to keep the small pieces of brick from getting in your yard. It will be easier to clean up. Once the brick comes off there will either be a metal panel or wire mesh that will have to come off as well. I would just go on the top of it, the mortar will bond to the brick anyway. Use type s mortar it is a little stronger.

Robert asks…

where can i find brick wallpaper or interior thin brick veneer?

i want to have a brick wall in my house(kind of like a new york style appartment or loft) and i can’t seem to find anything to do this with. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

Mr. Thin Brick answers:

I just saw a 4×8 sheet of brick paneling at lowes. It’s in the wood paneling section.
You could also paint a faux brick pattern on the wall.

Ruth asks…

Looking for thin brick veneer – interior use -can’t find in Canada. Know of a Canadian store/supplier?

I am in Montreal, but would welcome store/suppliers from anywhere in Canada. I plan to install myself. Thanks!

Mr. Thin Brick answers:

ErthCoverings in Ontario

Richard asks…

Applying a thin layer of concrete to a brick wall?

I need to apply a thin layer of concrete to a brick wall approx 7′ high 5′ wide, indoor room. Will any quickset type of concrete work? I also need to apply a sealant to the concrete once dried, is there something specific I should use to seal out moisture? I plan to put a built in book case over the concrete.


Mr. Thin Brick answers:

Try stucco and then paint or go to depot and ask and then use a topping compound and before the stuff goes on use a latex concrete primer and add some to the mix then after about 30 days use some regular waterproofer

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