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Sharon asks…

Whats with big price range on

It does it on abercrombie kids website too.

It will be like

JEANS: $39.50-$59.50


Mr. Thin Brick answers:

You have to click the color you want then it will have the correct price, also the price is dependent on the distressed and ripped areas make it cost more.

Richard asks…

How can I view a US website from the UK?

A few times I hav tried to access, and it keeps redirecting me to the site. Also, I have just tried to access, but says I am not allowed due to UK legislation. Is there a way round this?

Mr. Thin Brick answers:

Use a free proxy server.

What it is:


Philip T

Linda asks…

What are some good clothes websites?

I don’t want to read or or, I want to hear some really cool clothes that not many people have heard of!


Mr. Thin Brick answers:

urban behavior
charlotte russe
forever 21
wet seal
rue 21
steve and barrys
juicy couture
jc penny
neiman marcus
miss sixty
dear by amanda bynes
arden b

hope i helped!

Sandy asks…

Creat a outfit please! 10 points is the reward ill judge once i get 6 or more outfits!?

create an outfit from any brand you like that is under 80$ must included: bottoms, tops, shoes, bag, braclet, earrings…any added things will help.

good links:
plz only choose 1 outfit.

Mr. Thin Brick answers:


Butterfly Love Tee:

Celeb Flare Jean – Regular:

Scallop Edge Flat Shoe:

3 Row Snake Chain Necklace:

1.5 Clutchless Earring:
(In Gold)

6 Piece Metal Bangles:
(In Gold)

Ruth asks…

where is the abercrombie online page that shows the clothes?

like, on the website; ill search or whatever, now what do i do? its one big picture, that is un clickable

Mr. Thin Brick answers:

What helps is to type That’s how get to A&F and Abercrombie kids online stores.

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